Upcoming Workshop Course: Buzan Speed Reading on 5th March 2013

A study by the University of California revealed that global information is doubling every 3 years. While the rate of information growth is increasing at break-neck speed, more than 90% of us did not improve our reading speed since we left school. The average reading speed of most adults hover at around 200 words per minute. It is estimated by various organisations that the average person today need a reading speed of 400 words per minute to be functionally literate. This one-day course will improve your reading speed by between 2 to 5 times. Be one of them.

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Upcoming Workshop Course: Buzan Computer Mind Mapping® on 8th March 2013

Advance your Mind Mapping® skills with the flexibility and freedom of technology and not be restricted to paper based Mind Mapping®. iMindMap is a Computer-based Mind Mapping® software specially designed and developed to specially meet the principles of Mind Mapping® as set out by the Mind Map® inventor, Tony Buzan. This course covers the features and functions of the Computer-based Mind Map® in an interactive manner with extensive participants' involvement and opportunity to practice the techniques learnt.

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Upcoming Workshop Course: Buzan Effective Brainsmart Work Skills on 21st-22nd March 2013 (2 days)

Research has shown that we use less than 1% of our brain potential, and this especially at the workplace. This workshop will equip you with the latest brainsmart techniques developed by world renowned author of Mind Mapping®, Tony Buzan. Led by qualified Buzan Licensed Instructors from Buzan Asia, this 2-day workshop will improve the quality of thinking and increase productivity.

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Upcoming Workshop Course: Buzan Sharpen Your Memory on 16th April 2013

Increased awareness of brain dementia has prompted people to discover more about their brain and how to strengthen the power to recall. Use it before you lose it! This workshop brings you the latest research from Tony Buzan, author of "Age-proofing the brain" and inventor of Mind Map®, on how to build and enhance your recall power.

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Tony Buzan's Interview

Aired on 26th September on Singapore's radio station 938LIVE Bottomline

Speed Reading

"A very good, informative and nice way of learning speed reading and comprehension."
Md Ali Atan, MUIS

"This course provided me with easy 1-2-3 techniques that I can apply at work as well as during my personal reading. I will definitely share these techniques with my friends."
Norazlina Taha, OBS

"Never expect that to be so fun, light, simple yet profound. "Under Promise, Over Delivery." I am thankful & grateful. I learn this skill for life! Awesome experience."
Yulili, MindChamps

"Very, very satisfied! Will recommend to my colleagues and bosses!"
Monica, MCYS

Effective BrainSmart Work Skills

"Workshop is well-organised. I am well able to receive individual attention with responds and feedback/evaluation that aid my learning process. Speaker is very well-versed with topic and is experienced in both application and theory aspect of course. Thank you so much."
Veronica Cheok, Singapore Prisons Service

"I have learned how to utilise mind map to everyday life. The course provides a spring board to better memory skills."
David Low, TP

"It is very insightful and interesting."
Nigel Leong, SAF

"This is a life long learning workshop, I can always make full use of it in every aspect of life. Totally enjoyed it a lot. Great!"
Kamalia Binte Kamis, SGH

Sharpen Your Memory

"The various methods to remember things are interesting and easy to use."
Tay Siow Chien, MCYS

"Simple and easy to follow."
Kassim Bin Kamis, MUIS

Computer Mind Mapping®

"Valuable skills learnt which is useful for all areas in life! Excellent workshop!"
Jameela, NCSS/SSTI

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