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Buzan Brainpower 


Research has shown that the "normal" human brain has a much larger ability and potential than we think. Yet the one potent resource which each of us readily possess is by no means fully tapped or developed. It has often been said that people are only real resource, and hence, the task of developing our mental skills would be of utmost importance to both the individual and any organisation.

This workshop on "Brainpower" provides participants with the opportunity to find out how our brain really works, discover some of its amazing capabilities and learn the "natural" ways of tapping into our mental powerhouse.


By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • demonstrate the ability to think radiantly
  • discuss and demonstrate the applications of mind mapping
  • discuss the operating principles of the human memory and apply at least one memory technique
  • understand how the human brain is designed to continuously learn
  • apply the knowledge to enhance creativity, change unwanted habits and improve effectiveness on the job


Learning to build brainpower
  • TEFCAS - making learning easy and friendly for the brain
  • Secrets to remembering during and after learning
Associative Thinking
  • Exploring the explosive nature of thoughts
  • Mind Mapping: Key to unlocking your Brainpower  
    • How Mind Maps increase memory, improve concentration and stimulate creativity
    • Rationale behind Mind Maps
  • Buzan Mind Mapping Technique
    • Mind Map Laws
    • Keywords
  • MMapplications
    • Applying Mind Maps professionally and personally
Memory Techniques
    • Learn a simple technique to remember more
Drawing on your creative brain
Our brain
    • How it works?
    • How to keep it in good shape?


This lively and interactive workshop requires extensive participants’ involvement. It gives them ample opportunity to practice the new techniques learnt. Buzan workshops usually comprise:

  • Lectures / presentations
  • Individual and small group exercises and discussions
  • Self-awareness questionnaires
  • Breaks
  • Games and activities
  • Question and answer periods

Who Must Attend

Managers at all levels who want to improve individual and organisational’s brainpower. We recommend that organisations send a senior team from various departments to this workshop.


Two (2) days

For available workshop courses dates, click here.

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