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Buzan Memory


This workshop is designed to help participants improve their memory. Firstly, they will gain an understanding of the memory process so that they can cultivate a habit that will help them forget less as they go about their daily activities. Secondly, they will learn some mnemonic techniques that they can use to help them remember things that they want consciously to commit to memory.

This is because our brain works by association. It needs an associative idea to trigger our memory. We forget or have difficulty in the recall when the association is weak or non-existent, if we did not pay any attention in the first place. There are ways that can help us strengthened the association and thereby improve our ability for recall.


By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • understand the manner and stages by which the brain processes information and store them for recall
  • discuss what is forgetfulness and how to avoid it
  • discuss the principles of memory improvement
  • know the principles of mnemonics and apply them to raise their memory power
  • Memory made simple
        • How we remember
        • Why we forget
  • Memory Toolbox
        • Remembering facts
        • Remembering numbers
        • Remembering names
  • Memory in action
        • Foods and nutrients
        • Enhancers
        • 21st Century effects


This lively and interactive workshop requires extensive participants’ involvement. It gives them ample opportunity to practice the new techniques learnt. Buzan workshops usually comprise:

  • Lectures / presentations
  • Individual and small group exercises and discussions
  • Self-awareness questionnaires
  • Breaks
  • Games and activities

Question and answer periods

Who Must Attend

All executives and managers who want to the benefits of a better memory of information, names and faces, numbers and company/customer/product facts should attend. Group participation will strengthen the power of corporate memory.


One (1) day

For available workshop courses dates, click here.

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