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Buzan Mind Mapping 


The quality of an organisation's thoughts are increasingly recognised as the competitive advantage in businesses. Learn how to unlock and harness the vast amount of unrealised thinking power in you and others to attain optimal thinking performance through the use of Buzan Mind Mapsâ.

Manage your learning and thinking processes for greater results. Experience clearer thinking and increased concentration. Achieve higher levels of creativity by identifying and tapping unrealised potential in you and others in your organisation. Develop action plans for implementing new learning in your professional and personal life.


At the end of the workshop, participants will learn:

  • How to Mind Map
  • How to distil immense amount of information or materials onto one sheet of paper
  • Applying Mind Maps® professionally and personally


  • Mind Mapping: The Ultimate Organisational Thinking Tool
  • How Mind Maps increase memory, improve concentration and stimulate creativity
  • Rationale behind Mind Maps
  • Buzan Mind Mapping Technique
  • Mind Map Laws
  • Keywords
  • Pictures/symbols vs words
  • Mmapplications
  • Applying Mind Maps professionally and personally
  • Mind Map Practices


This lively and interactive workshop requires extensive participants’ involvement. It gives them ample opportunity to practice the new techniques learnt. Buzan workshops usually comprise:

  • Lectures / presentations
  • Individual and small group exercises and discussions
  • Self-awareness questionnaires
  • Breaks
  • Games and activities
  • Question and answer periods

Who Must Attend

Managers at all levels who want to improve individual and organisational effectiveness and quality of thinking. We recommend that organisations send a senior team from various departments to this workshop.


One (1) day

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