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Buzan Speed and   Range Reading 


We live in a world where information grows rapidly. It is projected that the amount of information in the world doubles every 5 years. However, biologically, our eyes stays the same as our fore-fathers. How are we to keep up with the amount of reading?

The British and American Medical Association recently determined that 80% of all visits to doctors and hospitals were caused by stress due mainly to information overload.

The 'overload' will therefore increase unless the brain receiving that information is powerful enough and/or skilled enough to deal with it. In this ground-breaking course, the participant will be introduced to 21st century Speed and Range Reading techniques that will guarantee an improvement of their ability in this area by a minimum of 100%.


By the end of the course, participants will learn:

  • simple reading techniques and strategies to increase their speed and comprehension 
  • the common reading problems that slows down reading speed
  • how to use Mind Mapsâ as a speed reading enhancement tool.


  • Awareness & Assessment
  • Initial Reading Speed
  • Goals
  • Habits
  • Power Browse
  • The Eye
  • Movement-Reality
  • Guiding the Eyes
  • The Four-Speed Technique
  • The Brain
  • Standard Operating Procedure
  • Association
  • Comprehension
  • The Reading Environment
  • The Mind Map
  • Radiant Reading for Life & Learning
  • Skimming Newspapers
  • Scanning Reports
  • Exploring Business Books


This lively and interactive workshop requires extensive participants’ involvement. It gives them ample opportunity to practice the new techniques learnt. Buzan workshops usually comprise:

  • Lectures / presentations
  • Individual and small group exercises and discussions
  • Self-awareness questionnaires
  • Breaks
  • Games and activities
  • Question and answer periods

Who Must Attend

For all executives and managers since reading is part of most jobs in this 21st century knowledge economy.


One (1) day

For available workshop courses dates, click here.

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